Understanding Spasticity: A Challenge After Stroke or TBI

Following a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI), individuals often face a significant challenge: spasticity. This condition involves involuntary muscle tightness and stiffness, greatly impacting mobility and quality of life.

Unpacking Spasticity: Causes and Effects

Spasticity occurs when communication between the brain and muscles is disrupted, resulting in uncontrollable muscle contractions. These spasms, ranging from discomfort to severe pain, hinder movement and daily activities, worsening existing physical limitations if left untreated.

Managing Spasticity: The Role of Botox®

However, by proactively addressing spasticity, individuals can mitigate its effects and improve outcomes.

Benefits of Botox® Treatment

Botox® injections represent a proven treatment for spasticity. Unlike oral medications with systemic side effects, Botox® precisely targets affected muscles. Administered by healthcare professionals, it blocks nerve signals to muscles, effectively relaxing them and alleviating spasticity without disrupting overall muscle function.

Choosing Botox® involves various factors unique to each individual. Patients opt for it due to its proven efficacy in reducing muscle tightness and enhancing range of motion. By relaxing affected muscles, Botox® enables smoother movements, empowering patients to engage more fully in daily activities and regain independence, even easing the burden on caretakers.

Moreover, Botox® offers convenience and longevity. While oral medications require frequent dosing and can have side effects, Botox® injections provide relief for several months, reducing medication management and ensuring sustained mobility and comfort.

Improving Quality Of Life

Botox® injections positively impact muscle discomfort, tone and range of motion, which can help some patients regain function and independence. Improving spasticity management can improve overall quality of life for both patients and their loved ones.

Expert Guidance And Care

Dr. Joseph Brooks at Vitality Physical Medicine has extensive experience treating spasticity in stroke and TBI patients for over 12 years, emphasizing early intervention and comprehensive management.

“Addressing spasticity early with Botox® injections empowers patients to overcome physical limitations,” says Dr. Brooks. “Treating spasticity improves not only physical symptoms but also social and emotional well-being, aligning with my holistic approach to patient care.”

If you or a loved one suffers from spasticity, schedule an evaluation with Dr. Brooks by calling 563-424-6400 or tap the button below to schedule online.