joint injection for joint pain relief in davenport iowa

Joint Injections: Find relief from your joint pain

Joint injections often lead to improved mobility and are commonly performed in conjunction with physical therapy. Patients choose these injections in order to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and improve range of motion. 

This can be an excellent treatment option for patients who have plateaued in physical therapy, do not want surgery, want to delay surgery, or are not good candidates for surgery.

The therapeutic benefits can last a weeks up to a few months. It is important to also identify the underlying cause of the joint pain and address it through physical therapy or home exercises to correct motion patterns and strengthen any weakness in their painful area.

Many patients experience relief from their joint pain with injections which allows them to resume work, continue with daily activities, and improve physical therapy performance/outcomes.

At Vitality Physical Medicine, Dr. Brooks can help you diagnose and treat your joint pain, as well as coordinate your care with your physical therapist and other providers. Dr. Brooks has over 12 years’ experience performing joint injections to help his patients in the Quad Cities find relief from their pain.

Relief is Near

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